Commercial Patio Covers

Commercial Patio Covers

Patio covers can become the focal point of your restaurant or bar. With the right accessories added these covers can be very useful for year round use in Colorado. If you’re just looking for a great outdoor environment for the summer months or a fully enclosed area to be used for the winter, canvas patios are a great choice. We offer different levels of enclosure systems, all custom built for your needs.


The following is a brief description of the different options:


Enclosing the south, west and northwest elevations of your cover with roll down shades offers great protection during the afternoon Happy Hour crowd. These can be operated in a couple of different ways. The color of the shade material will determine how much visibility your patrons will have.

Roll Down Walls with Windows

This style of enclosure will allow for an enclosed area that can be opened when the weather permits. The clear windows are flexible allowing the walls to be rolled up very easily. Adding zippers to each side of the curtain allows for a fairly air tight area.

The Ultimate Enclosure

This system is a product we have just finished designing. This system allows a very permanent enclosure for the winter, spring and fall. The walls can be left down with the window areas screened in. As night falls and the temperature drops the clear vinyl windows can be easily added to keep the colder weather out and hold in the heat. The walls can also be rolled up, opening your patio area completely for the summer months. The screening is a solar screen mesh that keeps the sun glare and heat gain down as well as protecting the clear vinyl windows.

A source of heat is necessary to keep the temperature warm enough for your patrons to enjoy themselves. This is not provided by Four Seasons.


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