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Commercial Patio Cover

Four Seasons’ Commercial Patio Covers are the perfect solution to transform any outdoor space into a functional area that can be used all year long. We create these covers to provide protection from the elements allowing your customers, clients, and employees to enjoy the outdoors in style.

Commercial Patio Covers

Having an outdoor patio area can be a great investment for a business, an outdoor patio can provide additional seating, increase revenue, and provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring your patrons have a memorable experience.

Research has shown that patio seating can add as much as 30 percent in sales. to an establishment’s revenue, so it’s no wonder that outdoor seating is something a lot of business owners choose to invest in.

For many restaurant owners increasing seating capacity is the first step to success.   However, an outdoor space is not enough without protection from the elements.

Providing overhead shelter to ensure your patron’s level of comfort is being met is crucial.   Having a well-protected outdoor space can even extend the extra seating during the winter months.

Depending on your location, properly planned overhead protection in addition to outdoor heating devices can increase your patio season by ten to twelve weeks annually.

Your vision, along with our experience and premium quality, will create a structure that creates visual harmony and balance with surrounding architectural environments and stand out as an eye-catching first impression.

Custom Designed and Fabricated:

Four Seasons Shade Structures are as unique as your business.   We can incorporate a number of custom features into the design such as:

  • Customized size and shape. ­ ­
  • Adding graphics or logos to increase brand awareness.
  • Finish options. Each patio enclosure frame we manufacture comes in mill-finished aluminum or powder coated the color of your choice from our standard color chart.

Our team is highly experienced in working with architects, contractors, and developers to ensure every pergola we manufacture looks great and is built to last.

Four Seasons’ custom fabricated patio cover system components have been tested and proven to meet stringent performance requirements and are structurally engineered to meet most state and local building codes. All Four Seasons® products feature superior quality construction, exceptional durability, ease of installation, and long-lasting beauty.

From initial design to completed installation, Four Seasons’ single-source accountability improves communication and ensures that any unforeseen issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Patio Cover Systems can be used for many different applications including:

  • Retail buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping centers
  • Storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Renovation projects
  • Outdoor spaces

*Blocking note: Our patio cover systems can be connected to multiple wall types to include tilt wall, CMU (filled/unfilled), stick & brick, EIFS, and more.

Built to meet the highest demands:

Our innovative and unique manufacturing process creates the longest-lasting commercial patio cover solution on the market.   Other shade solution companies manufacture their patio covers by joining the vinyl pieces of their patio cover with stitched seams, which results in a perforation that becomes a significant weak point in the enclosure.

Even everyday weather stresses can cause those stitched seams to fail at the seam, leaving your patio cover investment useless.   Our fabrication process uses an innovative welding process to join the vinyl panel pieces together.

Utilizing this method adds unparalleled strength and durability to each seam which will last years longer than the competition giving you peace of mind that your investment is well protected and of the highest quality.

Seamless, robust designs capable of spanning large areas. Engineered to withstand the elements and the rigor of the most demanding conditions.  We custom fabricate each patio cover to ensure our customers’ criteria are met.


  • Rust-resistant and maintenance-free.
  • Highly customizable widths, heights, and shapes.
  • Frames are available in mill-finished aluminum or choose a powder coat color from our standard color chart.  All finishes are AAMA rated for excellent outdoor durability.
  • Structurally engineered and fabricated to meet most state and local building codes, snow, and wind loads.
  • Fascia and valance options are available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors.
  • All extruded Aluminum (T6 – 6063).
  • Made in the USA.
      • Frame:
        • 1″x2″ Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
        • 2″x2″ Extruded Aluminum Square Tubing
        • 2″x3″ Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
        • 2″x4″ Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
        • 2″x6″ Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
        • 2″x8″ Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
      • Posts
        • 3″x3″ Square Steel Tubing
        • 4″x4″ Square Steel Tubing
        • 6″x6″ Square Steel Tubing
      • Increase usable outdoor space by providing your customers relief from the elements.
      • A stunning architectural signature look.
      • Weather protection for your business or storefront.
      • Superior durability that will last for years longer than any other cover on the market.
      • Increase brand awareness by adding logos or graphics

        General Contractors all over the Denver metro and Front Range area choose Four Seasons because we provide a true turnkey solution for patio covers. Our installation and project management teams are committed to completing your project on time and keeping open lines of communication with you throughout the process.


        • Written Installation Instructions
        • Video Installation Instructions

        Four Seasons provides detailed submittal drawings for each project.  We use these drawings to communicate to our clients exactly what they are purchasing.   Samples or color charts will be provided with the drawings to ensure the clients get exactly what they envision.