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Commercial Custom Architectural Elements

Four Seasons custom fabricated architectural elements are designed to make your vision become a reality.   If you have a specific idea in mind or just an example of what inspires you, we will work with your creative ideas to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind, high-quality pieces.  

Custom Architectural Elements

We custom manufacture Architectural Elements to meet your unique needs. These include decorative covers, metal privacy screens, wall accents, railings, vertical sunshades, roof screens, planter boxes, benches, tables, and more.

The possibilities are virtually endless and flawlessly combine form and function.   Whether your vision includes adding decorative touches to doors, entrances, facades, or other creative elements, the depth of your imagination is your only limitation.

The growth of many cities has spawned the demand for aesthetically alluring facilities and businesses.   Improving the exterior appearance of your building or storefront will maximize your profitability and increase the overall value within the neighborhood.

Your vision, along with our experience and premium quality, will develop a structure unique to your needs.   We will help you establish a welcoming and comfortable environment guaranteed to make a great first impression.

Custom Designed and Fabricated:

Four Seasons architectural elements are as unique as your business.

Our custom fabricated architectural elements allow you to incorporate beautiful and functional pieces that will stand the test of time and maintain functionality for years to come.   These components add the finishing touches to your project, bringing your entire project together under one single theme.   Here are some of the most common architectural elements we manufacture on a regular basis.

Privacy Screens

Fours Seasons’ Privacy Panels provide unique ways to section off interior or exterior spaces, hide areas that require privacy and create sectioned areas in a room or building.   Our unique privacy screens are designed to create a natural barrier that meets your distinctive design criteria while enhancing the architectural beauty or your commercial building.   These panels are fabricated for indoor and outdoor environments.

Roof Screens

Does your building’s rooftop contain unsightly HVAC units, exhaust fans, cooling towers, ducts, pipework, or communication systems that need to be concealed or screened?  This is a very common requirement in today’s construction environment.   Four Seasons Roof Screens are the perfect solution to your problem.  These screens are custom fabricated to your design criteria, adding an aesthetically pleasing element to your building.  In addition, our screens greatly reduce the noise created by the appliances they are covering while still allowing ventilation.

Vertical Metal Trellises

Does your commercial building have a blank wall or is it lacking architectural elements that stand out?   Four Seasons’ custom fabricated Vertical Trellis is the solution.   These vertical elements are similar to lattice.  Our trellises are fabricated to meet your unique design specifications, with limitless sizes, shapes, and infill options, these accent elements create a stunning visual effect.

Custom Designed and Fabricated:

Four Seasons Shade Structures are as unique as your business.   We can incorporate a number of custom features into the design such as:

  • Customized widths and lengths.
  • Over 30 fabric colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Framing and attachment hardware comes in mill-finished aluminum or powder-coated a color of your choice from our color chart.
  • Hardware and cables are all marine-grade stainless steel.

Our team is highly experienced in working with architects, contractors, developers, landscaping designers, and companies to ensure every architectural element we manufacture looks great and is built to last.   Project owners and customers will be in awe of the unique style our architectural elements bring to your commercial space.

Four Seasons’ custom fabricated architectural elements have been tested and proven to meet stringent performance requirements and are structurally engineered to meet most state and local building codes. All Four Seasons® products feature superior quality construction, exceptional durability, ease of installation, and long-lasting beauty.

From initial design to project completion, Four Seasons’ utilizes superior communication with our clients to ensure that any unforeseen issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Custom Architectural Elements can be used for many different applications including:

  • Retail buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Wedding venues
  • Country clubs
  • Golf courses
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping centers
  • Storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Renovation projects
  • Outdoor spaces

Seamless, robust designs capable of spanning large areas. Designed to withstand the elements and the rigor of the most demanding conditions.  We custom fabricate each architectural element to ensure our customers’ criteria are met.


  • Rust and maintenance-free.
  • Highly customizable widths, heights, shapes, and infills.
  • Frames are available in mill-finished aluminum or choose a powder coat color from our standard color chart.  All finishes are AAMA rated for excellent outdoor durability.  
  • Designed and fabricated to meet state and local building codes.
  • Made in the USA.  
  • Increase usable outdoor space by providing your customers relief from harmful UV rays.
  • A stunning architectural signature look.
  • Superior durability that will last for years longer than any other cover on the market.
  • Enhance your companies brand implementation.

    General Contractors all over the Denver Metro and Front Range area choose Four Seasons because we provide a true turnkey solution for custom aluminum architectural pieces. Our installation and project management teams are committed to completing your project on time and keeping open lines of communication with you throughout the process.


    • Written Installation Instructions
    • Video Installation Instructions

    Four Seasons provides detailed submittal drawings for each project.  We use these drawings to communicate to our clients exactly what they are purchasing.   Samples or color charts will be provided with the drawings to ensure the clients get exactly what they envision.


    • Standard Powder Coat Color Chart
    • Written Specs – COMING SOON
      • Privacy Screens
      • Roof Screens
      • Vertical Metal Trellises
      • Storefront Accent Bands
      • Planter Boxes
    • Product Specs – COMING SOON
      • Privacy Screens
      • Roof Screens
      • Vertical Metal Trellises
      • Storefront Accent Bands
      • Planter Boxes
    • Brochure – COMING SOON
      • Privacy Screens
      • Roof Screens
      • Vertical Metal Trellises
      • Planter Boxes