Commercial Shade Sails

Commercial Shade Sails

Shade Sails are becoming increasingly popular and able to cover large areas with minimal cost. Four Seasons takes great pride in manufacturing these sails to withstand our harsh climate. We have one customer who accidentally left their Shade Sails up for 2 years without removing them for the winter and the sails still looked brand new after surviving two winters being left up. It is strongly suggested the Sails be removed for the winter.
There are two basic designs used:

The 4-point sail which provides more ground coverage than a 3-point sail. The other option is to layer multiple 3-point sails to try and get the desired ground coverage.

The 4 point sails are twisted to give them a very unique look and the layering of the 3-point sails usually in conjunction with using different colored material is also a very eye catching feature.

The difference in cost is as an example:

(1) 4-point sail can usually cover more ground area than (3) point sails.

3-point sails take 3 posts and 3 sets of attachments from sail to post each. With 3 sails that is a total of 9 each. The same area if not more can be covered using (1) 4-point sail which is going to only require 4 posts and 4 attachments not to mention the labor to layout and fabricate

(1) 3-point sail is not that much less than doing a larger 4 point sail. It doesn’t take very long before the cost between the two can add up.

Shade Sails for residential patios are a great way to provide a very unique and aesthetically appealing look to cover your patio. The sails we manufacture are all custom sized for your project and designed for our Colorado Climate. That includes fierce winds in the summer months and occasional snow storms. This does not mean these are guaranteed to hold up in a snow storm but you are getting the strongest design and fabrication methods available.

The materials and methods plus custom fitting every project is how are sails are going to differ from the standard sized sails you can get in the big box stores and online for cheap. If you’ve purchased a sail online please note we are not able to re-size or install this product for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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