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Serge Ferrari Soltis® Proof 502

Soltis 502 is a highly durable, dimensionally stable, waterproof material that protects against bad weather, offering exceptional dirt and mold resistance due to its PVDH surface treatment. This vinyl fabric blocks 100% of UV rays and is fire-retardant.

Serge Ferrari Solits Proof 502

With an eye for artistry,  Serge Ferrari designs some of the most visually stunning fabrics on the market. Soltis Proof 502 (formerly Précontraint®  Satin) is a high-performance awning fabric. The patented composite material grants leading structural stability. Offered in a spectrum of colors, this waterproof awning fabric gives a designer look. It provides UV resistance and protection from heat and weather for long-lasting use. It is used in a range of awning, canopy, and other shade applications. The fabric is ideal for fixed awning frames, light structures, commercial or residential awnings, half-spherical awnings, pergolas, and entrance canopies.

Innovation and Performance:

  • A weldable PVDF surface treatment improves dirt resistance.
  • Flexibility and strength provide freedom of shape and size.
  • A very smooth finish ensures easy upkeep.
  • Tried and tested protection against heat and bad weather for year-round comfort.
  • Maximum UV protection: Soltis® Proof 502 blocks 100% of UV rays.

Proven Longevity:

Thanks to its Précontraint® technology, Soltis Proof 502:

  • Does not tear or stretch, ensuring structures last over time.
  • Durably resists UV damage due to rigorous pigment selection and thicker coating over the yarn crest.

Exclusive Précontraint® Technology:

Patented worldwide, the Précontraint® technology by Serge Ferrari involves keeping the composite under tension throughout the manufacturing process. This gives our materials exceptional performance that enables them to surpass market standards in terms of dimensional stability, mechanical strength, coating thickness and flatness.

Color Types:   40 Solids

Warranty:   10 Year Manufacturer

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