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Serge Ferrari Soltis® Horizon 86 Retractable Awning Recover

Soltis Horizon 86 by Serge Ferrari is a vinyl-coated polyester screen mesh used for solar protection. The solar screen fabric blocks up to 88% of the sun’s rays while still transmitting up to 28% natural light. This unique design creates privacy and comfort indoors without obstructing the outward view.

Serge Ferrari Soltis Horizon 86

Serge Ferrari’s exclusive Précontraint® process gives Horizon 86 excellent dimensional stability. The specially developed material delivers notable durability. This makes it a top choice for regions that experience intense wind and climate conditions. The sunscreen fabric is mildew resistant and heat sealable and comes in a range of colors to best suit your styling needs. Applications for the solar shade fabric include roll-up valances, patio shade sails, skylight and glass rooftop blinds, outdoor blinds, retractable awnings, exterior window shades, commercial building facades, and greenhouses.

Strength Characteristics:

  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability: No material deformation during installation or usage.
  • Long-Term Strength: Manufactured out of high tenacity polyester thread that is cross-stitched makes the fabric material highly tear and stretch resistant.

Color Types:  23 Solid

Warranty:  5 Year Manufacturer

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