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Commercial Heavy 430FR

Durability and FR compliance are now combined to create a premium fabric that provides maximum stability. It is also endorsed by Cancer Council, Australia’s foremost not-for-profit organization for cancer prevention and support.
Commercial Heavy 430FR

Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions on large-scale tension structures, Commercial Heavy 430FR is made from 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn, and with a patented intertwining knit pattern, Commercial Heavy 430 features superior biaxial and load-bearing performance for optimum shade and tensioning endurance.

Commercial Heavy 430 offers up to 87.5% UVR Block protection and is available in 16 popular colors, making it easier than ever to complement existing design elements and color schemes

Use the flame-retardant fabric for shade sails, canopies, tension structures, and awnings. It functions well in sporting arenas, parking lots, playgrounds, and outdoor parks. Displayed here in Desert Sand, the sail shade fabric comes in many colors to best fit your space.

Our FR fabrics meet the most stringent Fire Standards for shade fabrics including CSFM 1237.1 & NFPA 701 across all color variants with fabrics that offer biaxial stability and tensile properties, for minimal maintenance and improved fabric life.

Commercial Heavy 430 FR is made from recyclable HDPE and is 100% lead and phthalate-free. This fabric has been tested for harmful substances to meet safety and sustainability standards.

Color Types:  12 Solid

Warranty:  10 Year Manufacturer

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