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Polyfab™ Architec 400®

Architec 400® is an extremely strong knitted shade cloth that has been designed for very large commercial tension membrane structures and shade sails.

Polyfab Architec 400

Architec 400® is a High-Density Polyethylene Shade Sail fabric formed through a combination of monofilament yarn and Polyfab’s new Ovalon™ monofilament yarn for maximum strength, minimal stretch, and UV protection of 90 percent or greater.  This shade sail fabric is a great option for shade structures as it is durable and comes in a variety of colors and textures.  The fabric is made with shade sail design in mind but can be utilized in vertical privacy panels as well.  Add this high-quality shade sail fabric to shade sail structures to enjoy the cool shade outdoors.

Good Under Tension:

Shadesails using Architec 400® should be well designed and engineered to hold the fabric under the tension it deserves.

The fabric should be supported by using appropriate strength poles and footings as determined by a professional engineer, and fabricated and installed by a qualified contractor in accordance with local building codes.


This fabric has been pre-stentered to reduce shrinkage and improve the stability of the fabric.  This process improves the workability of the fabric during the fabrication and installation of the shadesails or shade structure.

Color Types:  12 Solid

Warranty:  15 Year Manufacturer

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