Residential Patio Covers

Residential Patio Covers

Four Seasons Awning custom manufactures and installs two different types of patio covers. The majority of these covers are made using an acrylic material such as Sunbrella. We have a seasonal canvas patio cover and a year round canvas patio cover.

Seasonal Canvas Patio Covers

This is a cover that is built with a metal structure to support the canvas material. The metal structure is designed to allow for easy removal and re installation of the cover.

The seasonal canvas patio cover is ideal for the folks looking to have protection all summer long from both the sun and the rain and then allowing the solar gain during the winter months. The seasonal coverage will also keep the adjacent rooms of the house much cooler during the peak summer heat. Customers are amazed at how much less the Air Conditioner has to work to keep these rooms at a comfortable temperature.

The seasonal cover uses “lacers” to allow it to withstand wind and rain. These are added to every support rafter. This greatly reduces the amount of force it puts on the material.

Year Round Canvas Patio Cover

The main difference between a Seasonal Canvas Patio Cover and a Year Round Canvas Patio Cover is the structural frame. Instead of designing a frame built to have a cover removed and re-installed, the frame is built to withstand snow. Four Seasons will itemize the cost of having the structure engineered. That decision is left to the customer if they wish to have this option. These frames are made of structural aluminum tube that is powder coated. The combination of the aluminum and powder coating the frame ensures a beautiful, long lasting finish on the frame.

With a year round style of patio cover we have more and more customers upgrading to a heavier type of material. This material is almost double the weight of the traditional acrylic materials and carries a longer warranty period. These materials are waterproof. These covers are not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof due to the stitching that is necessary to sew them together.

The acrylic materials are water repellent. Because this is a “breathable” material, it does not allow the material to be waterproof. That and as mentioned above, the material is sewn together. It is normal for these covers to have a few small leaks. Typically, gravity will pull the water down to the front of the cover and then drip. There are after market products that you can apply to the cover to help increase the water repellency and help protect the material against fading.

Most year round covers can be enclosed with a wall system that is designed for all four seasons. Please contact us if you would like more information about this style of enclosure

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