Retractable Cable Shades

Retractable Cable Shades

Your home is the primary expression of the elegance, grace and beauty that defines your world. Indoors or out, your place in the sun means comfort and protection to family and friends. Comfort Outdoors – on the deck or patio – means you can bask in the sun or enjoy the cool shade whenever you wish.

Working on the deck or patio with your laptop, entertaining friends, or just kicking back, an alternative to retractable awnings are cable awnings from Four Seasons. Cable awnings give you ultimate control of outdoor comfort.

A Four Seasons awning is an investment in beauty and value of your home. Choose from the most popular brands of woven acrylics, in solids or stripe patterns, and vinyl coated mesh in solids. All are resistant to water and mildew and will hold their colors for many years. The awning fabric is guaranteed not to fad, mildew or rot.

Cable awnings can be mounted almost anywhere. When extended, it complements the appeal of your home, whatever its decor or architectural  style.

Not only do our cable awnings enhance your fun in the sun or shade, but they also protects indoor furnishings from damaging UV exposure. All this and your utility bills go down too.

Year after year, in all kinds of weather, Four Seasons awnings continue to look bright and new. Manufactured with materials and components of the highest quality, your awning will stand up to the most severe environmental conditions with just a minimum of maintenance. When self-contained by its protective hood, your awning is completely shielded from the weather and there is no need to remove it in any season.

Awnings from Four Seasons are synonymous with the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship. Your place in the sun deserves nothing less.

Not convinced an awning is right for you and your family? Below are a few more great reasons why awnings and patio covers are a great solution.

Energy Efficiency – Awnings

Exterior solution dyed acrylic fabric patio covers can reduce interior heat in homes during periods of sunlight by 77 percent according to a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Research has shown that energy efficiency, shade and lowering of your electric bill are the most important reasons to purchase patio covers or a sun protection system.

Aesthetics – Awnings

Our awning customers tell us aesthetics, elegance and stunning beauty are the main features of our awnings, patio covers and deck awnings.

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