Commercial Shade Sails

Residential Shade Sails

If you’re looking for one of the strongest shade sails on the market for much less than what most folks are paying for a far less superior product, then you have come to the right place.

We service the DIY clients looking for a local option of Custom Fabrication of Shade Sails designed for our Colorado Climate.

This, unfortunately, does not include on-site design or installation.  We work with our clients on how to measure the sail and then install the sail.  With a little help and the right tools that are not expensive at all both of these items are very easy to complete.

Being the Sails need to be removed for the winter months you will be a seasoned veteran in no time in the removal and re-installation category.  Again saving hundreds of dollars a year doing this yourself.    We also are more than happy to ship our product to out of state clients as well.  If you’re out of state or even out of the Denver area, no worries we have special information below just for you.

Ready to get started??  I hope so!

Step 1- Email a rough sketch and dimensions to  Once we have this we will get you the rough numbers.

Step 2- If it is free-standing then you will need to make sure your posts are all in. If you’re using brackets these will need to be installed as well.

Out of state clients-  The company we will share with you for the post has Franchisees all over the US.  There is a chance there is one near you as well.

Step 3- We will send you the information on how to measure and once we have the dimensions will check on our software to make sure everything adds up correctly.  One note- if the mounting brackets/eye bolts are up it is not very often the measurements we are provided are off.

Step 4-
 Wait while we custom fabricate an incredibly strong product just for you!

Step 5- Install the sail

Step 6- Enjoy the beautiful architectural shade you helped design, measure and install!

At the bottom of this page, there is a word doc with some basic guidelines to help with your design.

The biggest mistakes I see hands down is ending up with a shade too small.  Remember that with the line of the material concave between the anchor points the ground coverage really shrinks.  If you have an area that you really need covered be sure that you’re increasing the dimensions for the post/anchor points that once the sail is installed it covers the area in its entirety.

I hate to be the one honest person to tell you this, small sails are not a good idea.  I would not suggest any one leg shorter than 12 to 13’.  Sails are designed to cover expansive areas.  Again with the concave nature of the material the smaller sails do not end up providing much coverage.  If aesthetics is your goal, then the sails are a great feature.   For smaller areas take a look at our Cable Shades as maybe an option.  These will be much less for the smaller area and will give you great flexibility on usage.

A single 4 point Sail will give you the biggest bargain for your dollar and also provide you with more shade than multiple 3 point sails.

Lastly- All of the materials we use are comparable in price and durability.  They all come in different standard widths.  It is this factor that we will use for the preliminary budgets.  We will go with the material that is going to end up with the least amount of waste in your project.

If you have any questions please feel free to contacts us using the form below or call us at 303-722-1200.

Thank you,
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