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Commercial Canvas Awning Recover

Commercial or residential, most awning frames can be saved, and replacing the fabric portion of the awning is an expedited and cost-effective way to add new life to your shade structure and building.  

If you are looking to refresh the look of your storefront, business, or home, or have a canopy or awning that has been torn or sun-damaged, Four Seasons is the right awning recover specialist for your residential or commercial needs.  

Below we discuss the awning recover process and provide information on how we deal with common scenarios in the recovering process such as addressing rust, fabric removal, and installation.  

Fabric Awning and Canopy Recover


We have a unique process that allows us to successfully replace almost any awning or canopy cover while utilizing the existing frame in most cases.

There are some frames that we’ve encountered that weren’t structurally sound or fabricated by someone who doesn’t understand the basic principles of attaching the fabric to the awning frame, but this is extremely rare.

Our sales team will guide you to help specify and price out your options to determine the most cost-effective solution.   Your canopy or awning may or may not require the following steps.

Initial Consultation and Measurement:

The first step is to schedule an onsite inspection.   This inspection will determine if your shade structure can be recovered, take measurements of your awning or canopy, and perform a cursory inspection of potential rust damage.

If significant rust exists it needs to be addressed early on to avoid future frame damage which could be very costly down the road.   Once our sales team member completes their inspection, they will go over your options with you.

While reviewing the results of the inspection, you will be presented fabric options so you can see and feel the different textures of all our fabric types that are appropriate for your awning recover and discuss any changes you may want to make to your shade structure such as adding or removing an existing valance.


If your awning or canopy was previously fabricated and installed by Four Seasons we have your file digitally saved allowing us to manufacture another cover from the original drawings without having to take additional measurements.

Pricing:   ­ ­ ­ ­

Depending on which fabric material you select, one or more recover prices may be presented.   With numerous fabric options to choose from, we assist you in making the right recover material selection that best fits your budget.


Sunbrella® Shade:

A premium 100% acrylic fiber marine grade fabric.   The fibers are saturated with highly UV-stable pigments, making them resistant to the harsh effects of sunlight while allowing air to constantly pass through to promote a cool and dry environment.

Types:   48 Solid Colors, 21 Textures, and 60 Stripes

Warranty: 10-year manufacture

Sunbrella Firesist®:

The mill coats this fabric with a proprietary film that generates superior mildew, stain, weather, chemical, and fire retardancy that meets current code for fire retardant fabric.   This fabric is commonly used in commercial applications due to its fire retardant qualities.

Types: 16 Solid Colors

Warranty: 5 year manufacture

Serge Ferrari Soltis®  Proof 502:

Soltis®  Proof 502 is a highly durable, dimensionally stable, waterproof material that protects against bad weather, offering exceptional dirt and mold resistance due to its PVDH surface treatment.   This vinyl fabric blocks 100% of UV rays and is fire-retardant.

Types: 40 Solid Colors

Warranty: 10-year manufacturer

Cooley Weathertyte® Plus:

Weathertyte®  Plus is a premium, textured vinyl substrate material is a marine-grade product that is waterproof and provides protection from the weather, and is stain-resistant.   This material is commonly used for projects requiring graphics or logos printed on the awning, is fire-resistant, and has the look and feel of textured, decorative fabric.

Types: 13 Solid Colors

Warranty: 8-year manufacture

Herculite Patio 500®:

Patio 500® is a composite PVC textile that incorporates specially formulated flexible polymer technology and a high tenacity polyester substrate.   This vinyl fabric is water-proof, fire-resistant, and is suitable for year-round snow and wind loads when applied on a structurally engineered frame or support structure.   It protects against UV degradation or fading and is mildew, stain, and dirt resistant.

Types:   30 Solid Colors

Warranty: 5-year manufacture

Herculite Weblon® Coastline Plus®:

Coastline plus® is a PVC vinyl fabric that is water-proof, fire-resistant, protects against weather and UV rays, and when attached to a structurally engineered frame, is suitable for year-round snow and wind loads.   This material features Herculite’s patented Rain Kleen® finish, providing a self-cleaning feature to reduce care and maintenance responsibility.   It also features a proprietary top coating that supports most types of graphics.

Types:   34 Solid Colors, 5 Duplex Patterns, 8 stripes

Warranty: 5-year manufacture

Gore® Tenara®  HTR Thread:  

HTR Style GORE TENARA Sewing Thread is heavy-duty and lubricated, making it ideal for high-speed sewing. It is so durable, it will outlast the fabric it’s sewn into. Equipped with a limited lifetime warranty, the thread is resistant to sunlight. The thread is made from ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) for tensile, versatile, and durable performance. UV radiation will not degrade or weaken it, meaning it maintains its color and strength. Chemical resistant and unaffected by fabric cleaning solutions, it will not stain, rot, or mildew. And because it’s built to last outdoors, dirt wipes right off.

Types: 10 Solid Colors

Warranty:   Limited Lifetime Manufacturer

Gore® Tenara®  TR Thread:  

Ideal for high-speed sewing, TR Style GORE TENARA sewing thread is lubricated with a silicone solution. The thread has an elongation (stretch) of approximately 17%, which makes it more robust than leading threads. It is so durable, it will outlast the fabric it’s sewn into. Protected by a limited lifetime warranty, the thread is made from ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) for tensile, versatile, and reliable performance. UV rays will not weaken or degrade it, meaning it maintains its color and strength. Chemical resistant and unaffected by fabric cleaning solutions, it will not mildew, stain, or rot. And because it’s developed to last outdoors, dirt wipes right off.

Types: 10 Solid Colors

Warranty:   Limited Lifetime Manufacturer


Once you have made your fabric selections and have decided on any changes or modifications you want to make, our sales associate will send your awning recover contract to you for review and sign.   This contract will lay out the scope of work being done, address what is and isn’t included, and the price and payment terms.  Once we have your signed contract and down-payment if required, we will place the order for the materials and create a CAD drawing of your awning or canopy that will be submitted to you for approval.   After you have approved the drawing and the materials arrive your shade recover will go into production.   Lead times vary depending on which fabric you select and are subject to change frequently.   Before you place your order, we will confirm material availability and arrival time.


Once the recover fabrication is complete, our installation manager will contact you to set a date and time to have your cover installed.   There are two ways Four Seasons installs awning recovers, onsite or in-house, depending on the project.   Onsite installation allows us to take the existing fabric cover off the awning frame and install the new one without having to remove the frame for the building.   We utilize this installation process when the awning is in a location where our installation team can access all sides of the awning safely and freely, reducing installation time and cost. If your awning needs to be taken down for the new cover to be installed, while the new cover is in production, our installation team will come to your location, remove the existing awning, and bring it back to our shop to have the new cover installed.   Once the new cover is installed our installation manager will contact you to schedule the reinstallation.

Your vision, along with our experience and premium quality, will develop a structure unique to your needs.   We will help you establish a welcoming and comfortable environment guaranteed to make a great first impression.

  • Gives your existing awning a whole new lifespan.
  • Saves up to 60% of the cost of a complete awning replacement.
  • Available in a wide selection of fabric types and densities, including solution-dyed woven acrylics, vinyls, and mesh fabrics.
  • Add logos and graphics adding signage and increased brand awareness.
  • Open or closed awning ends: Four Season’awning recovers come with the option of open ends exposing the frame or closed ends that are covered.
  • Wide selection of valances.
  • Gore®  Tenara®  limited lifetime thread warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Shade structures are essential for keeping visitors, products, and staff protected from the elements, providing a more welcoming environment.   Our products are built to withstand the unpredictable and most severe weather and are a cost-effective investment.

All Four Seasons® products feature superior quality construction, exceptional durability, ease of installation, and long-lasting beauty.

Our Canvas Awning Recovers can be used for many different applications including:

  • Retail buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping centers
  • Storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Clubhouses
  • Renovation projects
  • Residential applications

Awning Shapes
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Valance Styles
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Four Seasons provides detailed submittal drawings for each project.  We use these drawings to communicate to our clients exactly what they are buying.   Samples or color charts will be provided with the drawings to ensure the clients get exactly what they envision.