New Construction

New Construction

As the leading supplier of awnings for new construction projects in Colorado, Four Seasons continues to be the best in the business.

Four Seasons has been in business since 1982. With only 12 employees we have over 260 years of experience working on your project. Six team members have been with our company for over 25 years.

At Four Seasons we pride ourselves on what we can accomplish with only 12 employees. In all reality you’re not hiring a company to work for you, you’re hiring a family to work on your project!


We are capable of manufacturing and installing all types of awnings in either metal or canvas.

Awnings, Patio Covers, Dock Door Covers – Fabric, Vinyl, Standing Seam Metal, and Corrugated Metal.

Structural Aluminum Canopies, Architectural Aluminum Trellis, Sun Shades, Custom Designs, Trellis Structures at Rear Screen Wall, Door Hood Canopies, and Multi-Unit Properties. Just about any architectural feature designed in steel. We can provide a VE alternate in Powder Coated Aluminum.

Restaurants- Shade Sails, Cable Shades, Patio Covers, and Seasonal Enclosures. With our in-house C.A.D. Capabilities, our drawings are precise and easy to read.

The majority of our frames are made of maintenance-free aluminum tube. However, if required, we can build the frames using other structural materials.

Need a color on the frame?

Powder coating is our answer. Four Seasons will only powder coat our frames. Unlike most other companies, Four Seasons wants a long lasting product that both you and your customer can rely on.

State Certified Welders weld all of our frames.

Does your client need graphics on their awnings?

No problem. Our in-house Sign Shop is capable of providing simple lettering to the most complex logos and even digitized logos and pictures.


We monitor the progress of every job site at least once a week. All products are standard with installation. Four Seasons is not going to make a project and just drop it off leaving the GC to find someone to get the product installed.

We offer a 2-year workmanship warranty on all products and installations.

Every project is field surveyed and custom fabricated. Employees complete all submittal drawings. If need be, we have the capability of making required changes very quickly to make sure we are not holding up your schedule.

When it comes to our scopes our goal is to make the life of your PM and Site Super much simpler!


Each of our field staff has completed the following:

  • 10 Hour on-site OSHA Training
  • Aerial Operator Safety Training Program
  • Type IV, V and VII Fork Lift Operator Safety Training

Safety is a major focus with our employees! The Four Seasons team will have the experience and safety training to make sure we are doing our part to help keep the job site accident free! Our Workers Comp Mod Rate is .83. Something we are very proud of. Our goal for 2019 is to again complete another year without any on the job accidents or injuries.

No matter who we have on your job site you can be assured that we have qualified individuals completing your project on time, properly and most importantly with skilled individuals with proper safety training.


In the 37 years of being in business, we have never missed a deadline or failed to complete a project. We are blessed to be able to purchase our goods in large bulk quantities from various aluminum mills and suppliers, so the majority of the materials come from inventory. You and your clients do not have to worry about our bills not being paid. The materials used on projects are in all likelihood paid in full months in advance of coming off our shelves as raw goods for your project!


Are we going to be the lowest bidder? “No”. Not very often. And the experience we bring to work for you and your company requires wages that are significantly higher than what many of our competitors are paying their staff.

Our team members that we have working for your project have selected this work as a career and not just a job! We contribute to our employees’ health insurance and also contribute 3% to a retirement fund for every employee. This is how and why we have been so fortunate to keep the amazing team members here with us at Four Seasons Awning.

We do not use subcontract labor on job sites and very rarely do we require the need for tier 2 subcontractors or suppliers for the manufacturing of your projects. We have the capability of doing so much with our 12 employees.

Four Seasons Awning has earned a reputation as being a sub-contractor you can count on. We are always willing to do everything we can to accommodate any time lost on the front end of the project to be sure your completion deadlines are met.


In many cases we can be your partner for multiple scopes on projects. If you think there is any chance we might be able to quote something, please do not hesitate to send the ITB over. We are always happy to look through plans and try to find something we can quote for you!

Here are just a few of the projects we have completed:

Lowry Town Center-Miller Weingarten Realty

Aurora Town Center – Adolphson & Peterson Construction

One Boulder Plaza – Wyatt Construction (3 different phases)

Southlands High Visibility – Saunders Construction

2200 Market – M.A. Mortenson Construction

Saddle Rock – W.E. Oneil Construction

Superior Market Place Phase I – Saunders Construction

Superior Market Place Phase II – Williams Construction

Jefferson Market Place – Weitz Construction

Northfield at Stapleton Phase 1 – VCC Construction

Northfield at Stapleton Phase 2 – VCC Construction

Please see our “Satisfied Customers” page for more completed projects.

In selecting Four Seasons Awning as a partner you’re hiring a company that collectively is a group of extremely dedicated and conscious employees working on your products! With our knowledge and experience, we are able to handle any project you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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